Why taking on a contract role could benefit your job search and future employment prospects

contract role crossroads

In the short term, taking on a contract role can keep you feeling engaged and valued whilst in between permanent roles. Particularly if you have taken a confidence knock losing your job.

However, we regularly come across candidates who are reluctant to take on contract opportunities. And as a result, find themselves at a crossroad in their job search trying to weigh up their decision to accept a contract role and bridge the gap in their search or to continue to devote their time solely to finding a permanent position.

This indecision generally occurs because the candidate fears they will miss out on a permanent employment opportunity as a result of accepting a temporary one.

But, quite often this is not the reality! 

It comes down to how you choose to approach the situation. What should be weighed up is whether you’re willing to take an active approach to your job search and maintain open and honest communication with your recruiter, while still carrying out your contract role.

If you are, a contract role can AND WILL be managed in unison with finding you permanent employment.

On top of this, contract opportunities can bring great benefits to your job search and future employability prospects. So, if you’ve found yourself stuck at this crossroad in your job search here are a few reasons why a contract role may be worthwhile considering –


A contract role can inject confidence and a sense of value back into your job search.

There is a lot of uncertainty and doubt that comes along with a project finishing up, having to take a redundancy or experiencing troubles securing a full-time role, and our confidence can take a big knock as a result.

Permanent opportunities can take time to secure, and besides providing financial stability whilst you’re in between roles, accepting a contract role allows you to keep your mind and body active as you continue to put your skills to good use. This can help to alleviate any uncertainties you may be experiencing and inject confidence and a sense of value back into your job search.


A contract role can help you to acquire new skills and facilitate your career progression.

Employers are often open to a broader variety of backgrounds and experience when they’re looking to resolve an immediate resource need, not find a long-term solution.

For you, this means a contract role can provide you with the opportunity to gain exposure and experience in a position or project that may be outside of your current skill set and experience had the role been a permanent position. For example, a Leading Hand filling in for a Foreman or working on a hospital project without hospital experience.

Along with experience in new projects and positions, you’ll also be able to expand your knowledge and skills to adapt to different types of software, methods of construction and approaches to work.

This can help to facilitate career progression as you become more adaptable to changing environments and build a versatile set of skills and knowledge to bring to your future employers.


A contract role provides the opportunity to build your professional network.

Taking on a contract role will allow you to build your professional network by meeting a new project team and company. And you never know when having these contacts could come in handy!

If you take the role in your stride and perform well on the project, it could also mean you will be first in line when a permanent opportunity does become available within the company.


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